Mission Statement
In cooperation with the Foundation and Advisory Board and it’s associated councils, the Cultural Arts Council will establish varied cultural opportunities in our region at the Cove Ridge Center for citizens of all ages with the following emphasis;

  1. To provide cultural arts opportunities in a variety of planned events
  2. To stimulate ideas from other heritages and shared experiences to enhance our respect of each others beliefs and traditions
  3. To reach out to other surrounding counties to promote the use of the Natural Tunnel State Park and other regional facilities
  4. To generate income and seek out financial support needed to continue our mission
  5. To add to the economic growth of our region, thus enriching the lives of all our citizens.

*Please watch the Events page for notifications of all events including those sponsored by the Cultural Arts Council

Interested in serving on the Cultural Arts Council?

The Cultural Arts Council is always looking to increase their membership and welcome those that share a passion for preserving and promoting Appalachian culture. If you are interested in joining the Council or getting information about the Council please call 276-940-2696 or send us an email.